Are you ready to make a commitment to your health?  Check out my two program offerings below then get in touch with me.  We'll discuss your health goals, concerns and needs during a 30-minute consultation.  All sessions take place over the phone, which maximizes our time together and allows me to work with clients outside New York City. 


30 Day Jump Start





- Get started discovering which fat-burning, energy-boosting, feel-good-foods are just right for you


- Introduce simple yet effective habits that make "being healthy" second nature


- Start learning to conquer those pesky cravings without feeling deprived


90 Day Total Transformation





- Learn to identify and remove obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals


 - Create a long-term weight management program specific to your goals


 - Build confidence around food; learn how to meal plan and eat healthfully anytime, anywhere (yes, even while traveling!)



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The 30 Day Jump Start:

Most people would agree that dietary changes are stressful, confusing and challenging.  Not to mention unsatisfying.  But what if I told you there was a way to upgrade your diet that's fun and easy?  A healthy diet doesn’t have to be about sacrifice; it is possible to lose weight, feel better in your body,, and love what you eat.


This package consists of 4 weekly sessions aimed at:


  • Discovering fat-burning, energy-boosting, feel good foods just right for you

  • Introducing simple habits that make "being healthy" second nature

  • Conquering those pesky cravings without feeling deprived (promise!)

  • Introducing new at-home tips that makes meal prep a piece of cake


      Bonus: a personalized "Welcome Kit" full of healthy and inspiring goodies

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The 90 Day Total Transformation:

Take your personal health to the next level by making profound changes in your relationship to food. Say goodbye to diets made up of rules and restrictions and relax into a new way of thinking - one with powerful body and mind transformations.


When you feel good about what you eat and the choices you make, it frees up your energy and it builds confidence. What would you accomplish with more energy and more confidence?


This package consists of 12 weekly sessions aimed at:


  • Identifing and removing the obsticals that slow you down

  • Establishing a long-term dietary plan that fits you to a T

  • Learning how to meal plan and eat healthy with confidence (yes, even while traveling!)

  • Clarifing your goals and desires and giving you to the tools to reconnect with your passions


      + everything included in the 30 Day Jump Start above